The Angel


by Rupali Mistry

I asked if she
Would help me
To cross the street

My vision’s a blur
I don’t even hear
My bones as they creak

The street’s so wide
I cannot decide
Where to point my feet

She took my hand
And like a lamb
I followed silently

She left me standing
At the Gate -  wond'ring
Of this Castle by the street

“This is where you’ll be”
She said to me
And turned away to leave

I asked her name
And why she came?
And where she had brought me?

“Your Angel!” she said
“And Heaven’s this place
Where you will rest in peace.”

18 responses »

  1. Beautifully composed! *applause* You know how to drive the car, now all you have to do is pick different passangers on your journey. Keep writing. Really loved the rhythm, so nicely weaved.
    Thankyou for writing this. Let the soul searching begin!


    • Thank you for your positive comments. Yes, I will write about different subjects. It’s a matter of time. Your encouragement means a lot to poets like me. So, thank you once again.


  2. Rupali, I always knew you had a real talent for putting thoughts, feelings and ideas into words- I still remember the beautiful stories you had written long ago- one was about a girl who had a caged bird as a pet – your story was about her realisation that what the bird longed for more than anything else was freedom… I love this poem because there is something really beautfiful about it – a reflection of the poet’s true nature, I would say.


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