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The Pearl Divers’ Songs

Their music was so strange and distant
From hymns they sang straight to the sea
Or praises raised to mighty Allah
Those lovely songs, that fidjeri

Above the waves of Bas Ya Bahr*
The Nahhaaam raised his melody
Along with him the clappers played
The jahlah or mirwas, plaintively.
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Panchatantra – The Fall and Rise of a Merchant


For those of you who may recall

The last of our Panchatantra tales 

We had Dama-na-ka, our hero brave

About to share yet another sage tale

With Sanjeev-aka that noisy ol’ bull

And here’s the story, not in part, but full…

The Fall and Rise of a Merchant

“What story?” asked Sanjev-aka all agog

“Dantila, the merchant, the one who lost all

For he treated the royal sweeper like a dog

When Gorambha the sweep, came to the ball

That Dantila threw for his own wedding

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