Morning blues


by Patsy Mills

Every day I wake up at nine
My feet hit the floor
A shower cleans me up
Now, I’m doin’ fine

Standing in my closet
Wondering what to wear
I find something decent
and do something with my hair.

A Timmies and a muffin
is on my mind
I reach for my keys to go
But alas, I cannot find!!

I retrace my steps
what did I wear last night?
After minutes of searching
My relief replaces fright!!

Out the door I go
Climb in my car and drive
I hope I make it,
my gas is very low!!

I detour to the gas station
and pour the gas I need
Tim Hortons is right next door
That’s my next stop, indeed!!

My choice is Medium coffee
and a muffin to go,
I wait and I wait,
Oh, the line up is slow!

Believe it or not
this is my morning brunch.
I know it won’t keep me fueled
I will soon be ready for lunch.


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