…je talk Francais very bien, thank you beaucoup…


From Seumas Gallacher, laugh-a-minute

Seumas Gallacher


…I s’pose enuff water has passed under the proverbial bridge since the following true account, that merely changing the names to protect the guilty will suffice to ward off a lawsuit for my telling of it… in an early passage in my banking career in the Far East, my immediate boss was a Frenchman… and one of a certain breed of person who wouldn’t listen to what he was being advised …on anything!… (not confined, this, to my Gaul-ish associates, by the way)…


…yeez all know people like this… no matter what indisputable evidence yeez place in front of them, they know different… they know better…they just… just… know!… the kind that tell yeez  ‘when I want yer advice, I’ll give it to yeez’… well, the Peerless Pierre was down to make a business trip encompassing various parts of Scandinavia, principally in Norway and Sweden……

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable! And here’s a Corpoetry-style poem for this post:

    The Franco-phone at SG’s bank
    When SG was a banker
    From his account, the fella was
    An unmitigated w—–!

    He evidently always knew
    Everything and then some
    Undoubtedly ‘twas more than most
    And ‘most’ of course were dumb

    And so he thought was his PA
    Whom others knew was smart
    So when he went on holiday
    To Scandinavian parts

    He told ‘er I can ‘andle this
    I always ‘ave you know
    But twixt his mangled Franglais
    And his y’know I ‘ave to go

    From ‘ere to there an’ blast‘n’blam
    That Gallic Marco Polo
    He landed up in Amsterdam
    And ended going solo

    He was awol for longer than
    Orig’nally intended
    They called him th’ Invis’ble Man
    With laughter quite unbounded

    A boardroom wag then made a guess
    About Pierre the Peerless
    And pondered loud for all to know
    That Pierre our doubtful hero…

    Couldn’t tell his Aarhus from his Oslo.


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