…a wee indulgence… and p’raps a bit of enlightenment…


Love this piece for the images it throws up in my mind…

Mind you, Seumas Gallacher is by no means an old Jurassic, he just likes to call himself that.

Seumas Gallacher

…it’s nearly fifty years ago that this ol’ Jurassic won his first ever singing medal at the National Gaelic Mod in Scotland… one of the four songs I was obliged to sing is called, ‘Mi’n Seo Nam Onar’… the literal translation in English is ‘I am here alone’… but the meaning and the translation mean NUTHIN without the Celtic feeling and emotion that the song demands (and most other Gaelic songs for that matter)… the judges on the occasion I competed with it, said, inter alia, ‘this young man’s rendition takes us out on to a distant hillside, and permits us see, hear, and feel, the true solitude of the Highlander’, …I could not have wished for a better interpretation of my singing of that particular song… at the time I was living in the Scottish Hebridean Island of Mull, an environment where a person…

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