My 2015 Reading List: The Top 5


This is such a delightful surprise! When I wrote Desert Flower, I had no intention of writing a romantic tale. I actually meant to describe the heat in Bahrain. Before I knew it this romantic story jumped onto the pages and wouldn’t let me go until it was done. And here it is gaining accolades… some things are meant to be.

D.M. Miller

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, I thought I’d put together a list of the top five most powerful books I’ve read throughout the year. (F.Y.I., this is a list of books I had the good fortune of coming across in 2015, but some were actually published in 2014.)

Though my eyes have scanned the pages of all sorts of genres to broaden my horizons and to support fellow authors, I simply cannot help but return to what intrigues me the most: love, religion and the Middle East. Anything else falls short. I don’t want fluff, dense yet empty, flowery language, or some pretty tale with the sole purpose of escapism. Sure, it has its place, but for me, while I am transported to another world, it’s important to be challenged both mentally and emotionally while also entertained. The following books encompass everything I could hope for in…

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