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My Mother’s Hands


Today Bahrain has an overcast sky, a few drops of rain sprinkled down, the sea is almost dove grey and I had this waiting for me… simply put, Ma I miss you.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My son has kept my hands completely full for the past few days. Time having run out on me again tonight, I thought I would share a poem written a few years ago that seems somehow appropriate…

Study of hands - Leonardo da Vinci

My Mother’s Hands

I see my mother’s hands before my eyes

The first caress that I had ever known,

And with a thrill of wonder realise

The hands I see before me are my own.


Where did the decades go, I have to ask,

At what point did my springtime slip away?

Is this mid-summer sun in which I bask

Or has the autumn brought a shorter day?


A mellowing has softened me, I know,

Yet coloured me with richer hue and shade,

And written on my face a map to show

The world the choices I have made.


I too can read the story as I look

Of all…

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