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…he would have made Welsh poet W. H. Davies proud…


No matter what one says, more often than not, it’s the telling of the tale that makes a difference to the tale… and this is one such case! Thanks Seumas Gallacher.

Seumas Gallacher

…my author pal, Brendan Gerad O’Brien, asked me if the following piece was ‘suitable’for a Guest Post… well, I think it’s ‘more than suitable’… amusing, thought-provoking and surprising all in one shot… see what yeez think yerselves…


Mistaken Assumptions 2
One of the hazards of working in a major supermarket is dealing with shoplifters. In a place the size of ours this was a daily occurrence, sometimes two, and three, even four times during a busy period.
There were the usual suspects, of course – career thieves who believed we owed them a living and that there was nothing wrong with robbing a supermarket. The only crime they recognised was getting caught.
One particular guy – he called himself Rambo – was a nasty piece of work. Built like a brick shed with tattoos on his tattoos, he didn’t have a…

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