Monthly Archives: September 2020

What an honour!


It never ceases to amaze me how the connection between writers can lead to all kinds of advantages. Being featured on Debra Martens’ Canadian Writers Abroad is one such bonus.

I am not particularly good at that all-essential self-promotion tool called networking. If I connect with someone, that’s just it. I connect. It maybe they’re great punsters… that’ll do it most times for me, or we like the same books, connect over poetry, or a love of tea in a teacup (not a mug) inconsequential stuff, but a connection nonetheless. For the most part I find it hard to deliberately steer a connection towards a benefit. So, for this above-mentioned honour, I must thank Susan Toy.

I met Susan on Facebook a few years ago and she too is another wonderful promoter of writers and books. She has graciously featured me and my books a couple of times on her Island Editions. Susan has served as a reviewer for the monthly challenge we used to hold as part of encouraging the writers of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle. And so lots of connections and bonding there.

It has taken me a while for me to think of myself as a writer, but now to be part of a list that includes Ann-Marie MacDonald author of one of the most memorable books I have read, had me, to put it in pedestrian terms, gob-smacked. I am reduced to non-verbal expressions like Wow!

Many, many thanks, Debra Martens and Susan Toy. Whodathunk, eh?

So, head on over to Canadian Writers Abroad and check out this lovely piece on yours truly here: