I think I can


I’m just a slender collection of a dozen stories about love. Between my covers I hold a heartbreaking story about the love of an older couple, the heartwarming tale of the love between sisters. There’s a romantic story about love that remained even after a twenty-year absence. And even a laugh-out-loud tale told by an armchair.

Although I’m a little book with only 61 pages, I have high ambitions. I want to outsell all the other books that the author has ever written. I’m in the throes of wondering how to do it. And I need your help, please…

If you’ve read the book, or even a few stories and feel you’ve had enough of a taste to make a comment, please do post a review either right here on this blog or at any of the Amazon sites. The latter is preferred. This, I’ve been told helps bump up the visibility and that’s always a good thing.

On May 6th, the e-book version of Twelve Roses for Love will go on a price promotion starting at 99¢ on the main Amazon.com site. Do please check it out. Honestly, I think you’ll enjoy all the short stories.

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