Fictionpals is a blog where I hope to publish various explorations in writing – whether stories or essays, fiction or fact, verse or epic poetry. I also hope to use it as a venue to promote other blogs that I think are interesting in their passion for the written word.

So join me on this journey, bring along your own writings and let’s add them to the scenery of writings and build a landscape that is full of possibilities behind every expression, sentence or word that provokes the imagination,

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    • Thank you! I shall certainly visit your page. And if you like I can pop a fragment of one of your stories on my page and link it to yours,
      Enjoy your dreams


  1. Hi Rohini, I left you a comment yesterday over at Belinda Crane’s blog. Having had a good chance to look around the site I can say with confidence that a large part of the problem in getting people to post their work here is that it is unclear how to go about doing that. You need to have a contact page where people can let you know they desire to post and then you email them a formal wordpress invitation to be a “contributor” to your site.

    You have 3 pages currently, Home, About and Rupali’s page. I would suggest a How to Contribute page that is informative. And a “Contributors” page that in a clean and neat fashion which gives super brief bio info for those who have contributed two or more times for example:

    Then I would consider for people who have contributed 4 or more times going in and adding their authorship name as a category so that is someone falls in love with a particular writer they can easily find and that person’s work on your site.

    Best of luck!



    • Memeethemuse (I love that name!)
      You are a star! Thank you so much for your suggestion.It seems so obvious. People may not read the About and therefore not realise that they can send in their own stories. I will try and do this.
      I’m not very good technically, so am wondering do I then allow them independent access to post? Shouldn’t I monitor their posts? Could they contribute in a Comment and then I post their stories? Anyway I shall look at that soon.
      You have been a wonderful help and so has Belinda!
      Thank you both.


      • The contributor role is one I like. I just did it once so far. The only access it allows if for a person to upload their story to your site. However, it names them the author of the story. You get to decide if and when you publish it. They have zero access to anything else you’ve written, and can only edit and create their own content. I think it is perfect for what you are wanting to do.


  2. Oh, yeah, and in their bio slot, if you’ve awarded them a category be sure and put the link to that category right their with their bio, not just in the sidebar. And be sure to add the new category to their old posts.

    People get really bored quickly and don’t want to spend a ton of time searching for how to find something. Make it easy.


    • Okay dear!
      I shall have to do all that. I’m a bit swamped with other commitments at the moment but it shall be done, hopefully in time to welcome 2016! Until then, have a good season… Christmas? And a fabulous new year.


      • You too!

        (Also, even on your About page is says we can contribute but doesn’t say how so it is actually not helpful as it stands.)

        Let me know in 2016 when it is ready by sending me a contributor invitation and I will upload a story.



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