To all Rupali’s fans!


The response she’s received is very encouraging and we thank you all for visiting and commenting. So I have decided to dedicate a page to Rupali… Long may she write and delight us with the sweetness of her thoughts and the magic of her verse!


 Rupali Mistry
I asked if she
Would help me
To cross the street

My vision’s a blur
I don’t even hear
My bones as they creak

The street’s so wide
I cannot decide
Where to point my feet

She took my hand
And like a lamb
I followed silently

She left me standing
At the Gate - wond'ring
Of this Castle by the street

“This is where you’ll be”
She said to me
And turned away to leave

I asked her name
And why she came?
And where she had brought me?

“Your Angel!” she said
“And Heaven’s this place
Where you will rest in peace.”


light2Rupali Mistry 
Piper, Piper, play me a song 
So I can dance 
And sing along
Piper, piper, I hear you now
And I’ll follow you
Beyond the clouds

Piper, piper, stop playing your pipe
For I’ll stay awhile
In this place of light

Rupali Mistry
Little white roses 
Growing by the road. 
Little white roses 
With hearts made of gold 

Little white roses 
though they cannot speak, 
say much more than anyone 
with feelings twice as sweet.

Little white roses 
spreading love and peace. 
Innocent white roses 
never causing grief. 

white rose rsLittle white roses 
spread the fragrance of life. 
O erring, hurting humans 
May they be your guide.


My heart yearns for your love, dearest!
Only you can quench this desert’s thirst.
I long and long to hold you
Like the night embraces the moon.
You are the one and only one
Who brightens my life like the Sun.
I will love you forever and ever
As long as I live and even thereafter.


Walk the tightrope to the end.
Don’t look down. Not yet, my friend.
Swim across the ocean wide
Against the currents and the tide.
Run along the winding road
At whose end lies the true abode.
Fly across the great blue sky.
Win over all worries and strife.
And when you come to that door,
Victory will be sweeter than you know young hand2a



Pitter-patter fall the drops
from the skies nonstop.
Swift and fast comes the rain.
Clouds are overhead again.
Out come raincoats,
out come umbrellas,
out come the gumboots,
and brandy from cellars.
Little children on the roads
shout and jump with the toads.
And worried mothers everywhere
cry out, “Come here! Come here!”
Greenery is everywhere.
Snakes and scorpions give a scare!
Rivers and waterfalls overflow
Silvery spray everywhere they throw.
Peacocks dance and sing aloud.
All around the mist does shroud.
Brooding hearts sing out again.
Rainy days are here to stay.

The Storm

The night was dark

The wind did howl

The streets were empty

The tramps didn’t prowl

The sea was wild

The fishermen cried

So weak; so mild

The flowers died

The sky showered

Great big drops

That filled the streets

And lashed tree tops

The children cried

The mothers prayed

“O Lord, save this creation

So weak and frail.”

white vectorwhite vector white vectorwhite vector

The Miracle


I looked up towards the sky

To where the great eagles fly.

The clouds were passing by

In shades of grey and white.

And then, I saw the Miracle.

Oh! ’twas a wondrous spectacle!

The darkness parted to bring forth

The Fingers of God onto the Earth.

This was a Sign of His great design.

A sight I would cherish for all time.

There were no questions in my mind.

He bought a new light in my life.

The light of blessing and belief

Would cure the pain; bringing relief.

Happiness would now abound

Where Sorrow long stood its ground.


61CDnMIMhdL._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,0,22_AA300_SH20_OU31_NEW BOOK!

And now! Rupali has taken the plunge and published her first collection of poems. If you enjoy reading her poems now you can buy the book! Here’s one link

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