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Shiva’s tandav nritya* the dance of destruction

He the transformer, limitless, omniscient

The holder of time the ultimate destroyer and creator

Man-woman centre of the trinity

Ever moving forward and backward

His cosmic dance

Frenetic in its final phases

We beat the drums and tablas

Dha din din tha, tha din din tha**

Urging him on to our final destruction, hoping to return

To a world reborn, renewed, refreshed

And pure as the first dew on the first day

Of the first dawn.

(*The dance of destruction
** Names of the basic tabla strokes)

The Piper

light2by Rupali Mistry
Piper, Piper, play me a song
So I can dance
And sing along

Piper, piper, I hear you now
And I’ll follow you
Beyond the clouds

Piper, piper, stop playing your pipe
For I’ll stay awhile
In this place of light