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Corporate Dance


It happens in every office. You notice it especially when the first half of the year draws closer to its end. The little dance. The schmooze sessions. The “let’s do lunch!”

These little scenes prompted a poem called Corporate Dance in my collection Corpoetry. See how the ‘chaps’ fall in step with the boss. Watch the ladies sashay along. They’re so in sync that it’s like a choreographed performance. Not Bollywood dancing. This is more subtle. Like a tango. The challenge. The turn your face the other way, but exchange a look. It has all the verve of old-fashioned ballroom dancing and a lot of very clever footwork – both literal and metaphorical.

Putting together the collection of poems that grew into  Corpoetry was so much fun. Once the poems began to flow I couldn’t turn a corner in the offices that I worked in when I didn’t find yet another situation that prompted a poem. Sometimes reading the news – especially during that financial crisis – brought on a poem like Big Cheeses which prompted Bob Cubitt’s wonderful review. I still keep thinking that if you, as a reader, have a situation, do please send it to me and I’ll create a poem for you. Who knows, we might end up with Corpoetry Two!

corp dance



Morning blues


by Patsy Mills

Every day I wake up at nine
My feet hit the floor
A shower cleans me up
Now, I’m doin’ fine

Standing in my closet
Wondering what to wear
I find something decent
and do something with my hair.

A Timmies and a muffin
is on my mind
I reach for my keys to go
But alas, I cannot find!!

I retrace my steps
what did I wear last night?
After minutes of searching
My relief replaces fright!!

Out the door I go
Climb in my car and drive
I hope I make it,
my gas is very low!!

I detour to the gas station
and pour the gas I need
Tim Hortons is right next door
That’s my next stop, indeed!!

My choice is Medium coffee
and a muffin to go,
I wait and I wait,
Oh, the line up is slow!

Believe it or not
this is my morning brunch.
I know it won’t keep me fueled
I will soon be ready for lunch.