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Testing the water


Three poems by Aman


Uncertainty unbound

The walls made of bricks

Hold no solace,

The hum I recall is gone!


I move to the unknown,

Yearning for the song

Which perhaps may be my own


A long wait it’s been

To hear the sound

That beckons

To the far horizon


And should the note ring true

Will I really reach that elusive hue?



To yearn for a grand morrow

to have striven for the ray of thought

only to realise you’re happiest with your lot.


Know your need, not the want, ‎the path reaps the price,

Alas only the old now realise.


Even the “great” in death strive to tell us,

we depart empty handed‎ the way “He” had made us.


‘Tis just me, young in body tho’ old in mind‎,

How fortunate, I understand, there is yet time.‎


The words that you see; mean not what they say.  The path that we follow will lead us astray. A pinnacle we reach, clawing our way through a shroud, all we achieve is a modicum of doubt. Let not the rational lead you otherwise, the path turns to thorns, in our twilight we realise. Break out break through for you and your own; like Charles did eons ago unknown. We build but to no avail; our bones will turn to dust no matter o’er whom we prevail.