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Intimations of old age


Natural-Ways-To-Cure-Headache-Hot-Cup-of-TeaWhile going through some old papers, like many a writer, I find fragments of things I’ve written over the years, mostly poems, sometimes stories, and sometimes rants. This one is in a melancholy mood, reminding me of my first nostalgic recognition that time was catching up with me and could soon run out.




“Grow old along with me,”  you said

Sipping tea, aromatic with bergamot

Steam rising like a ghost,

I smiled,

Ready to join you on that journey


We ran across

Piano keys playing seconds

Racing up and down the scale

The assonances picked up

Wedding rings and kisses


Sharps and flats.


The melody of spring time

Chased by summer’s desertification

Of our lives


And the first grey hair in my mirror.


Forgotten by the time autumn

Had ripened our fruit

Sent dandelion children

Floating on the breeze


Again I fill your cup of tea

Just one now, no sugar

Still bergamot flavoured

With steam

Escaping like warm breath

At the start of winter’s chill.



Long, long ago King Jagata, which means the world, lived happily with Queen Dharti Matá whose name means Mother Earth. Together they lived in a palace somewhere in northern India.

They were such happy people that every time they laughed the sunbeams danced. The courtiers and the servants smiled and sang to themselves as they went about their duties.

Way back then, the seasons were mild and they came and went, as they should. Everyone was happy. Everyone that is, except lonely Chandrika, the moon queen. She was fine for a few years living alone up in the dark night sky. And for a while she quite enjoyed being the Queen of the night.

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